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HOPE became the anchor of my soul as I learned how to read the Bible at this beach. 

About the Calling...

Jesus demonstrated Servant Networking

Imagine stumbling across the Ultimate Job.  

So just think about this, If your only task daily is to share a Guide, called the Gospel, or B.I.B.L.E. - "Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth"...would you take on the calling?

Did you know that GOD has a website? 

HE does and WANTS to share it with you...

YOU are Invited!

Now don't start doubting yourself! 

  1. First and FOREMOST~ GOD is calling on those of us who are still MESSY,  who might have lost HOPE.  God will accept you as you are.
  2. HE is also inviting Ministers, Pastors and other Spiritual Leaders to serve with us online as Invited Guests sharing with others. 

  • No skills? No problem! HE has put skilled people in place to help you succeed!
  • No Computer? This is a service that will accommodate those who do not have the technology to be online.
  • Do Not Own a Bible? What a GREAT motivation to get your hands on one! 
  • NEED a job? God has developed a way to get you started..AND PAID!

Let's do our part to enlighten the world with the Truth and Spiritual Personal Development with a Home-Based Biz4Believers.

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Let's stay connected! Witness the transformations of SynergyPays through JeanetteOnTheNet Vimeo Vlogs.

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You can contact GOD Via Jesus,CEO ~ at ANY time

You can call on Jesus easily by Simply Praying.

If you are not sure how to pray, simply visit my Scriptures Site, become a member and let's learn how to pray for each other.


This is a Home-Based Biz4Believers! Receive One on One training! Have questions? Call Me!

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