An Anointed Oil

Nothing is ever a coincidence with God. Do you agree?

In 2Kings 4, The Widow was in a financial deficit. She only had a small jar of oil in her house. Upon listening to Elisha, the Prophet, she quickly discovered that the Lord was just waiting for her to trust in Him for her provision, not Elisha.

This past year has been a financial struggle for me as well.

I have been faithfully building this site for the Lord all year.  My persistent diligence to the impulses to keep going every day created a power struggle between quitting my project for the Lord and just finding a job. I have so many wonderful friends with servant hearts who would try to help me with amazing money making opportunities. The temptation to doubt my own abilities in building something huge for God and just follow yet another Financial Freedom dream was a daily struggle.

It was not easy to pretend that I was financially ok. 

The declining Emotional Well Being of our family was no longer a secret. Covering up for a husband/father who was addicted to smoking marijuana to relieve the negative side effects of his medications was not the issue. Respecting the privacy of my husband and not reaching out to find help for his torment by suicidal demons daily took a toll on the three of us and WAITING this long to get him help torments my peace.

The day that I placed my husband at God's feet and walked away from my marriage was the day that I realized that my husband's demons stayed in the house with US!!

As a matter of fact, the pressures of being a single mom without a means to support the dreams of my two sons now, young men, took a toll on my self-confidence as a mother and provider. Satan was constantly tormenting me now by making me second guess my decision and putting the blame of my husband's insane torment on me.

His Minions also worked on my belief system day and night with distractions to help me "ease" my silent depression and loneliness. The "Prince of the Air" would entice me with my old ways of living with my husband. He would try to soothe me with New age meditations to put my mind to sleep which was only slowing down the process of building for our Prince of Peace even more! 

...that you once practiced as you lived according to the ways of this present world and according to the ruler of the power of the air, the spirit that is now active in those who are disobedient. Ephesians 2:2 

By June of this year,  I was desperate, broken and embarrassed enough to start looking locally for a job. I applied everywhere and would not be hired. I knew I was so entrepreneurial-minded that it made me unemployable.

However, I somehow felt that God made it so that no one would hire me in order that I could stay focused on this project. In spite of this insight, I still doubted the will of God and decided to even go on craigslist for a gig! I never go on craigslist, and yet, it was by no coincidence that the Holy Spirit guided me to a  2 line job post.

It was about the CBD Oil Revolution...   I thought, "Of Course, God would send me the ONE familiar Plant-based remedy in oil form to really have it connect to my story of 2Kings 4!"

To make this story even more amazing is that God placed in my hands that ancient natural and non-intoxicating remedy that the three of us needed for our PTSD, depression, and diabetes.

I have also since discovered that this oil has been mentioned in the Bible!

In just one month:

  1. My son has begun a business that started for free,
  2. His diabetes is showing signs of amazing improvement. In other words, although he is still using insulin, he is having to adjust the doses based on the fact that his blood sugars are stabilizing!
  3. Before the oil, he had been experiencing excruciating back pain for the past 2 years due to an accidental slip in the snow. He had visited more than 12 doctors and they were all suggesting procedures that were not pleasant with highly addictive medication for pain. In one week of the CBD oil drops and he has been pain-free on some days with barely noticeable pain during long hours at work. 
  4. My youngest is a little more relaxed, although we might have to try a higher potency for the PTSD.
Ready to try it for yourself?

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