Today's Inspiration comes from one of my favorite muses, Dr. Tony Evans.

He states that,

"What God is interested in is us impressing Him. We can take what He has given us—resources, good looks, talents, even our ability to relate to other people—and “kingdomize” it.

In many professions, an attractive or gregarious spirit will have an edge over the meek and humble spirit. But that is not the case in God's Kingdom of entrepreneurs. God wants us to BE who we are and not try to change for anyone in order to impress for success. 

Bold Faith comes from within...

It is a Faith that we are demonstrating with our good works for God's glory. This faith gives us the confidence that will inspire others to bring us into their marketplace with BOLD BEAUTY!

Some might consider us presumptuous for claiming our work for God; if it makes you uncomfortable, call on Jesus for strength in this humility and simply be.YOU.tiful!

You will receive the Boldness to stand up to giants at the marketplace and declare your victory even before the ROI is evident from our diligence in the Lord.

God is calling on you, answer the call, look in the mirror and tell yourself that YOU are BeYOUtiFUL in the Lord.  

"So, righteously impress others, but more importantly, impress God, because when God is impressed with you, you can be used for eternity and not just for a time. That will fade away. We get older, the clothes fade out, the money dries up, but a righteous man or woman who can be used by God, that pays eternal dividends." quote by *Dr. Tony Evans

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