Embracing my Singleness

 "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well." Matthew 6:33

An omelet is only as good as the eggs that are used. 

Use TWO bad eggs and you have a YUCKY omelette! Use ONE bad egg and ONE good egg, you will STILL have a nasty Omelette.  That's because the good egg is not going to make the bad egg taste any better, and the Bad egg will contaminate the Good egg.  

Although not a Food-Focused individual, I totally understand now what God meant when he had the Holy Spirit whisper to me last week, "It's not rejection, it's Protection!" **That whisper was pertaining to an individual who had to decide if he really wanted to become "good" by working for God in order to have a chance to date me. He chose to walk away! Oh Well! 

It's Time To Make a Delicious Omelette!

My Take-A-Way ~  it does not matter who you are in life or how old you are; if you do NOT KNOW who GOD is within YOUR own Life and How He wants US to be a reflection of HIM; Law of Attraction comes into play.
In other words, if we are "broken eggs" or "Feeling Rotten" then guess what, we will attract people who feel the same. 
With that being said, I am grateful to have developed a love for Personal Development.  I was that nerdy girl at school that most boys would not bother with. Got married at 22, without ever really experiencing the "dating scene". Now at...(my current age..eh hem!)~ I am embracing the opportunity of Redefining My Freedom as a Single DisciplePreneur. 

I create a vibration of Wisdom, Purpose, and Direction.

Yet, I WIll STILL DOUBT myself.  Which is not Harmonious with the universe and it means that in those moments of "non-alignment" with God, I reflect the "INCOMPLETE" Disciple for God. This dynamic only attracts more of the same.
Instead of The Great Commission, I am sometimes having work days that reflect The Great Omission!
God's Love is enough to fill you up when you allow it.  "Needing" a companion to feel complete lends to many dissatisfied relationships. Noone can fill the heart like God can. Look at it this way, If you are Needing someone to feel whole, then you do not have much to offer back. So what do you do?
Work on yourself first,
Then Seek to Work for God!
Which allows God to work through you...
Let's talk about the details in person. 

Listen to the inspiration behind this post with  Tony Evans

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