When We Give

As crazy as it might sound, I have been spiritually prompted to give all that I own away.

It is not something that people think about doing often.


 In the Bible, 2Kings 4,  the widow was apparently in a financial rut. She went to the prophet, Elisha and asked for help. Elisha did not give her just a financial handout that perhaps the widow was hoping for, he gave her much more. But she had to be obedient to the instructions. 

One night, after losing my job, I read 2 Kings 4 and it was as if the Holy Spirit illuminated the words for me to have an inspired "AH HA!" moment.

I almost heard the words saying "instead of looking outward for financial help, open your eyes and take a look around the house.

What do you see?"

I have been collecting bottles and beautiful jars for years! Not only that, I had inherited many valuable items from my mother in law who had lived with us for many years after becoming a widow herself. 

God does have a Financial Plan. It is found in the Bible. 

Transparency time:

Why am I giving everything away?



“I will make you into a great nation. I will bless you . . . and you will be a blessing to others” (Genesis 12:2 NLT). 


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