Who are the Marketplace Disciples?


ANYONE can be a Marketplace Disciple and God wants to USE us to inspire more Disciples.

 You do not have to be a Scholar or even a leader in any organization. 

Marketplace Disciples take on the calling and introduce to others the Job that Pays YOU at the Marketplace when you invite someone to learn the Bible with you with a Scriptures Membership.

This is a membership that can easily grow as a business offering Weekly Bible Studies with an Online co-op store.

You are encouraged to invite people to your personal website to become personal Bible Study Companions with you in order to earn back a 90 to 95% back as commission (EVERY MONTH).

Only the Holy Spirit would inspire my friend, (*The founder of the Scriptures membership) to offer something as sweet as that!

Your JOB is to invite people to become Inspired By the Gospel as You have become.

Your income will multiply every month residually when your Bible Study Companions maintain their Scriptures Membership to a Bible Study community that will have weekly Bible Study conference calls, future personal development books clubs, the opportunity to showcase your talent as a musician for God, and much more. 

Your Marketplace can be anywhere... God wants to use YOU!
Come as you are.
Be who you are!

 As Marketplace Disciples

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