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Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ through the Gospel.

  OUR MISSION is to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ through the Gospel.  

If you seek a position in which you can make a difference in someone's life or if you are ready to allow GOD to make you profitable and abundant so that you can help more like you...then you have made the right choice! 

Anointed For Business

When you join us, YOU have access to many blessings to share:  

  • Our Bible Lessons Auto-Ship Programs to help us spread the Good News.  
  • Blessed Artists With Messages to Sing About, 
  • Personal Development To Become Confident Ambassadors for God · 
  • A way to pay for School, your books, your bills at home, or your ministry;   

Calling All Servant Leaders!

Jesus was the ORIGINAL Network Marketer as HE inspired in fellowship. 

Are you are a Minister, Pastor, or other Spiritual Leader? We invite you to join us. 

We are also growing a first time ever, Hispanic community of Scripture readers. 

  • Get interviewed online as a guest.
  • If you are musically talented,  We would LOVE to feature your talent to inspire others.

We Advertise For You with a CoOp Program

No need to pay big dollars to advertise in Magazines or Radio commercials. Let Scriptures4Us do the advertising in a Christian Based Advertising Magazine.

All you pay is just a fraction of the cost to be a part of their Advertising CoOp. There are three options to choose from to fit any business budget. 

 Everyone Wins!  

Leaders are Readers with a Success Mindset

 Home Based Business training begins with a desire to become professional and fruitful.  

Sign up for Success and become a Member of the NetworkMarketingMagazine's 27%'er Success program. Professional and leading edge tools available associated with personal development mentors and training.

Promote God 24/7 as a Billboard

 Imagine setting your billboard with a favorite scripture and invitation to create an income with you.

Become a Prospecting Magnet for God Wherever YOU GO, simply Beam into someone's life with a clever message as a Billboard, 24/7. 

Free Affiliation Gift to create additional cash by promoting the Magnet! 

Hit that button and become a MAGNET!

Become a Professional Magnet for God

Start your Home-Based Biz4Believers with Success. Our special price to all of GodIsMyUpline members is a $97 one time price to receive a value of $1200 worth of training materials. Use the Promo code "GOD" when you SIGN UP HERE.

Proprietary concept of using your Cell Phone as a beacon to promote any business up to 300 feet away! Imagine the possibilities! 

  • Promote your weekly fellowship while walking down the street. 
  • Invite students to your school campus bible study during study hall.
  • Advertise your Scriptures biz 24/7.
  •  Become an affiliate and promote our MyProspectingMagnet AND promote your business at the same time!
  •  GOD IS AWESOME! Isn't HE?
  • Get YOURS today with this link.